Contact: Maureen Vetter


UM4GI — a cooperative ministry of the three United Methodist congregations in Grand Island (Faith, First and Trinity) — sponsored a progressive meal the evening of Sunday, April 17, to raise money for selected mission causes.

Attendees purchased a ticket and then got to choose a glazed, ceramic bowl to use for each of the three courses, washing their bowl after each use, also part of an effort to make the event as “green” as possible. The first course was a salad bar served at Trinity, the entrée of three different soups was at Faith, and dessert was at First Church. The church bus transported everyone to each location. The Mission Bowl of Sharing project raised a total of $600, to be distributed among three organizations: Epworth Village in York, Neb., Red Bird Mission in Beverly, Ky., and the UM Global AIDS Fund.

“Thanks to all who gave for the dinner, we thank (potter) Nancy Fairbanks for making the 60 beautiful bowls, and Tom Graves for driving the church bus,” said Maureen Vetter, one of the event’s coordinators. “It was a good evening of making new friends and raising money for three mission causes!”

Photo: Some of the attendees of the Mission Bowl of Sharing progressive dinner enjoy choosing their handmade bowl to use for the evening’s meal.