Contact: Rev. Geniese Stanford


Phone: 620 327 4305

Camp is held 9 am - 2 pm one day in mid summer; open to the community's elementary & junior high kids/youth. The mission projects are done in centers that groups of kids rotate through on a 30 minute rotation. In addition to the mission projects, we also offer a 'game' center, a 'music' center, a guest speaker who talks about a mission project and lunch. The day camp starts with a time of worship and prayer, then moves into the rotation through centers. The kids are divided into groups which are given a name/color code and are led by 2 volunteers we call 'shepherds'. The groups/teams stay together all day. At the completion of each center, the camper receives a mission card that gives the biblical reference, a description of the mission project, and information about how the project will help others. They collect these mission cards on a ring and then take them home as a remembrance of their day. All campers & volunteers gather for lunch together and hear a presentation from a guest speaker who describes a personal experience of being in mission. This year one of our high school youth shared her experience of the Youth Group's mission trip to the Dominican Republic. At the end of the camp, all campers and volunteers gather for closing worship where we bless all the mission projects, celebrate our work together, and end with a prayer of thanksgiving. We video tape the closing worship and then use the video during the following Sunday worship to celebrate camp. This year we also debuted and recorded a song that was written by one of our members that is all about serving God - it's title is "Today and Not Tomorrow." The Mission Day Camp works because kids love to help others! They grow in their discipleship through developing an awareness of the needs of others and actually doing something to help! The adult & older youth volunteers learn a great deal also! We provide a strong biblical foundation for each activity which is also an important component for developing disciples. These campers become the best-ever witnesses to the power of mission work and loving others as Jesus loves. This was our 3rd summer to hold Mission Day Camp - we had 50 kids and 27 volunteers participate! Praise the Lord!