Have you ever wanted to take a hammer to the computer?  Have you ever tried to figure out how to solve a problem on the computer only to have a sixth grader come up and solve the problem in minutes not hours?    Have you ever wondered how to get youth to come to church?

Children and youth have a natural ability to work with technology, and offering opportunities for them to use these skills in church is a good way of connecting them with the spiritual.

Burden United Methodist is solving two problems with one solution.  Erasmo Valles is a sixth-grader at the Burden Elementary School . And yes, he runs the PowerPoint every Sunday morning at the church.  One Sunday when the verses were not in the right order he saved the day by backing up to the right slide to save the congregation from getting totally loss during the singing of a hymn.

I think this maybe Biblical, “and a child (sixth grader) will lead them.”