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  • The documentary “We Are DREAMers” premiered in early February and is now shown in different locations across Nebraska. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program provides nearly 800,000 undocumented young immigrants with protection from deportation for a period of two years, subject to renewal. View documentary.
  • Pastor Orlando Gallardo from the Great Plains Annual Conference is among the Dreamers waiting for citizenship. Read his story, and watch him share his experience as an undocumented immigrant allowed to stay in the country.
  • JFON-NE is now Immigrant Legal Center (ILC). Read more.

United Methodist position on immigration

The United Methodist Church's position on immigration is documented in several places in the Book of Discipline's Social Principles and is further documented in the United Methodist Book of Resolutions. These official positions are voted on by members of the General Conference, which meets every four years. Members of General Conference are elected by the annual conferences in the United States and Central Conferences outside the United States to attend this legislative assembly.

Just, humane immigration reform is one of the Legislative Priorities for the General Board of Church and Society, the denominational agency charged with carrying out the Social Principles through advocacy and education.

GBCS works with various coalitions on comprehensive immigration reform. The Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform is made up of business groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, with some labor organizations, with immigrants, advocacy groups and with a number of faith groups.

GBCS is advocating for comprehensive immigration reform legislation that will provide a path to citizenship, protect workers, reunite families, restore the rule of law and enhance security.

The General Board of Church and Society offers two ways for congregations to get involved:

  1. Build relationships locally between immigrants and nonimmigrants. Have your church become an Immigrant Welcoming Community.
  2. Connect with your local Sanctuary Movement. Email Jeania Ree Moore if your church is interested in participating in this historic Christian witness of providing sanctuary to those in need.

For more information contact Sandy Sypherd, chair of the Great Plains Immigration Rapid Response Team at or Andrea Paret, Great Plains Peace with Justice coordinator at

Bible Study

Church World Service ( offers a number of resources on issues related to immigration and refugees. The following resources from Church World Service are available for use as small group studies or discussion starters on the topic of immigration.


Other Immigration Resources

Connect On Immigration

If you are interested in connecting with others in our conference on the issue of immigration, please contact one of the following persons: