Interview Materials



Fitness, Readiness and Effectiveness language is a reminder of general credentialing expectations for persons discerning and answering a call to credentialed ministry. Basic fitness for ministry (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) is the expectation for persons entering the credentialing process. Persons requesting to be certified lay ministers (CLM) or certified as a candidate/initially approved for license as a local pastor are expected to meet fitness expectations. Readiness is the general expectation for persons who (1) have been credentialing for at least a year and (2) have additional ministerial experience or education that augments the basic fitness expectation. Readiness is expected for persons requesting provisional membership. Readiness (moving to effectiveness) is expected for continued CLMs, continued DSAs, continued local pastors and continued provisional members. Effectiveness, reflecting continued experience and completion of required education as well as fruitful or transformational leadership, is the expectation for continued local pastors who are in the residency program and/or have completed the basic Course of Study (or have a Masters of Divinity), associate members and full members (deacon or elder).

Required and suggested interview questions for all DCOOM credentialing is listed as part of the credentialing information included in the District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCOOM) handbook (found at the top of the credentialing information and forms page).

Behavioral Health criteria will most often be used in determinations of fitness for ministry but apply to all persons requesting or continuing in a credentialed ministerial relationship with the conference.

Interview Report

An Interview Report will be completed by the District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCOOM) and/or Board of Ordained Ministry (BOOM) interview team for each interview candidate. In general, the Interview Report is to be considered a working document of the DCOOM and/or BOOM. If a copy of the completed Interview Report is not provided to the candidate following the interview, it is the responsibility of the DCOM/BOOM to provide, in writing, the information included in the Interview Report. Each candidate retains the right to review his/her DCOOM/BOOM file held by the appropriate registrar. 

  • DCOOM Interview Report (Word) (PDF)
  • BOOM Interview Report (Word) (PDF)