Conference Journal

Great Plains Conference 2023 Journal

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Information found in each volume is printed below:

Volume A
  • Officers
  • Staff and lay leadership of the annual conference
  • Daily proceedings from the annual conference session
  • Legislation that passed
  • Business of the Annual Conference
  • Surviving spouses
  • Ministry reports
  • Memoirs
  • Roll of deceased clergy
  • Standing Rules
  • Budget Summary
Volume B
  • Clergy records
  • Audit report
  • Statistical tables
  • Appointments by district
  • Ministerial directory
  • Churches directory

Great Plains Conference 2022 Journal


Volume A 
(Index on pages 586-587)
  • Officers of the annual conference
  • General and Jurisdictional Conference delegates
  • District Superintendents
  • Lay Leadership
  • Conference Staff
  • Members of boards, commissions and committees
  • Certified Lay Servants, Speakers and Ministers
  • Daily proceedings
  • Resolutions
  • Business of the Annual Conference
  • Surviving Spouses
  • Reports
  • Memoirs
  • Roll of Deceased Clergy Members
  • Standing Rules
  • Special Session proceedings
  • Special Session resolutions
  • Budget Summary
Volume B
  • Clergy service records
  • District statistics
  • Church-by-church statistics
  • List of appointments
  • Clergy directory
  • Church directory


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