Journey Teams Information

Journey In Action Team

The following topics were addressed as areas of focus/concern for 2018.  For questions, contact Gwen Sharpe, or check the national website at

  • Charter for Racial Justice
  • Mass Incarceration
    • Ministry to Incarcerated Families - for more information, contact Teresa Tuchsherer
  • Economic Inequality
  • Criminalization of Communities of Color/School-to-prison Pipeline
  • Climate Justice
  • Maternal and Child Health

Journey in Faith

  • Second GP Conference UMW Spiritual Retreat is planned for May 3-5, 2019, at Camp Comeca, Cozad, Nebraska.  Theme is "Sensible Shoes". Rev. Billie Blair leader. Registration form is now on main page!
  • UMW Sunday Worship service. Each unit is encouraged to hold a UMW Sunday.
  • Jenelle Erb will continue to operate Conference Prayer Chain.

Journey in Giving

We are all familiar with the 5 main channels of Mission giving:  Pledge, Special Mission Recognition Pin, Gift in Memory (card), Gift to Mission (card), and World Thank Offering.  Great Plains Conference has two additional ways to add to our pledge. Units are encouraged to become 5 or 7 star units by giving to all channels of Mission.

Women in inactive units may give to these channels of Mission and earn a "She's a Gem" award.

In celebration of our upcoming 150th Anniversary, members may obtain a special 150 pendant and chain, or 150 year pin from

Journey in Growth  - we have over 15,000 members in Great Plains

Prairie Rivers District has issued a challenge to our other districts to grow our membership by 150 women for our 150th Anniversary!   Attached is 150 in 150 Challenge with some thoughts for promoting membership:

Journey in Learning

"About Our Stories: A Living Timeline"

As United Methodist Women prepare to celebrate our 150th Anniversary, local units are invited to tell our individual stories of mission.  The link below shows ways we can take part, and includes a Do-It-Yourself guide.