God in the midst of a Disaster

Last Updated Tuesday, September 10, 2019
The ringtone on my phone is Kenny Chesney's "Everythings Gonna Be Alright"  . . .  "everythings gonna be alright - and nobody's gotta worry 'bout nothing - don't go hittin that panic button - everythings gonna be alright.  There we were sitting in a cold basement at the church trying to figure out where we could find Shockwave.  A couple of people were on their phones, calling nearby locations - nothing.  A homeowner walks in to ask for help, by chance one of the volunteers asked him "do you know where we can find some Shockwave".  His answer, "my brother owns a carpet store and he has some".  The man left, a few minutes later he came back with enough donated Shockwave for us to spray 5 more houses for mold.

I'm standing in a front yard, looking at the piles of mud and ruts in the road  thinking "we have to get to that house".  "We need a tractor " - I turned and looked and there was a local on his John Deere tractor and he asked "how can I help?"

God is in the disaster!  What could have been work stopping problems, turned into more work being done all because two local individuals sensed the need and responded.  To God be the glory. 

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