Checklists and Forms for Ordination, CLMs and DSAs

Last Updated Monday, October 22, 2018

Starting with 2017-2018 the Great Plains Conference is using UMCARES (United Methodist Candidacy and Record Entry System, for all credentialing processes. Many of the Word forms from past years are now available only in UMCARES (a custom built form to be completed in UMCARES). Other forms and documents will need to be completed, at least in part, by someone other than the credentialing candidate and remain in either Word or PDF format. These forms are available in the applicable UMCARES credentialing tracks/steps or below. Completed forms should only be uploaded to UMCARES in PDF format.

Information about the requirements for all possible District Committee on Ordained Ministry credentialing requests is included in the District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCOOM) Handbook. This includes:

  • District superintendent assignment (DSA) and continued DSA
  • Certified Lay Minister (CLM) and continued CLM
  • Certification as a candidate, continuation of candidacy, transfer candidate
  • Approval for license as a local pastor
    • Initial approval/approved but not appointed
    • Continuation while in mentoring
    • Continuation while in residency
    • Continuation when mentoring no longer required
  • Associate membership
  • Provisional membership
  • Members of another (non-Methodist) denomination, approved for appointment (OF)
  • Transfer of membership for other Methodist or members of a non-Methodist denomination

The DCOOM Handbook also includes information about the requirements for all possible Board of Ordained Ministry credentialing requests such as:

  • Continued provisional membership
  • Full deacon
  • Full elder
  • Voluntary leave of absence
  • Voluntary retirement
  • Honorable location

Contact the conference registrar, Karen Jeffcoat,, for more information about the BOOM credentialing requirements.

General forms

  How to create a YouTube channel and upload videos
  UMCARES How-to-guide
Background Check Forms
  2017-2020 Background Check Authorization - General
  2017-2020 Candidacy Background Check Authorization
Charge Conference Forms (candidates only)
  2017-2020 Continuing Approval of the Charge Conference
  2017-2020 Initial Approval of the Charge Conference
Commissioning and Ordination
  2017-2020 Curriculum Comparison Worksheet
  2017-2020 Curriculum Criteria for Evaluation
  2017-2020 Curriculum Evaluation General Information
  2017-2020 Curriculum Evaluation Reflection
  2017-2020 Theological Questions for Provisional Membership
  2017-2020 Theological Questions for Associate Membership
  2017-2020 Theological Questions for Ordination as a Deacon and Full Membership
  2017-2020 Theological Questions for Ordination as an Elder and Full Membership
  2017-2020 Ordination Project General Information
  Instructions for Bible study plan
DS Report Forms
  2017-2020 District Superintendent Report - DSA and CLM
  2017-2020 District Superintendent Report - Effectiveness
  2017-2020 District Superintendent Report - Fitness
  2017-2020 District Superintendent Report - Readiness
Mentoring Report Forms
  2017-2020 Candidacy Summit Mentoring Report
  2017-2020 Mentor Report
Sending or Supervising Pastor Report Forms
  2017-2020 Sending Pastor Report - DSA and CLM
  2017-2020 Sending Pastor Report - Fitness
  2017-2020 Supervising Pastor Report - DSA and CLM
  2017-2020 Supervising Pastor Report - Full Member
  2017-2020 Supervising Pastor Report - Provisional
Other Forms
  2017-2020 Declaration of Candidacy and PPRC Approval
  2017-2020 Medical Report
  2017-2020 Notarized Disclosure Form
  Sermon Evaluation Form

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