Active Shooter Awareness

Last Updated Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Why have a plan?

  • Approximately 60% of incidents end before police arrive
  • Incidents are ended in under 5 minutes

Have a plan, practice the plan!

  • How to evacuate or lockdown
  • Select rooms with thick walls, solid doors that lock to lockdown in
  • No single response fits all active shooter situations. The best plan is to make sure that individuals know the best response to multiple situations.


  • Practice provides the opportunity to “get comfortable” with how to react in a positive way


  • RUN (if it is safe, run in the opposite direction of the shooter)
    • Leave personal belongings behind
    • Avoid elevators
    • When safe, call 911
  • HIDE
    • Lock the doors, barricade the doors
    • Turn off lights
    • Silence all electronic devices
    • Remain silent
    • Hide along the wall closest to the exit yet out of view from the hallway
    • As a last resort, throw anything at the person!
    • Be aggressive – your life depends on it.
Download a PDF of the above information.

To receive more information and/or to schedule a training at your church, contact the Rev. Hollie Tapley, disaster response coordinator, at

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