Sample Template for Student Pastor Internship

Last Updated Friday, September 1, 2017
Student Pastor Information
In keeping with the long-standing tradition in investing in the next generation of leaders, the church will mentor a student ministry intern for the school year. The student pastor position is a learning opportunity designed for students to work with Pastor senior pastor to create their own learning goals around the thinking, being, and doing of ministry. Preference is given to pre-ministerial students, however, students with other vocational goals will also be considered (ex. education majors might be interested in working with children or in a teaching setting outside of a traditional classroom).  It is the hope that the fruits of these learning goals will produce a weekly load of between eight to ten hours per week.
STUDENT:  ___________________________________________
e-mail address:   ___________________________________________
Date Internship begins  __________ and ends___________
Mentoring day, time and place: ________________________________________
Your responsibilities at the placement:
Your schedule for the internship (Specific days and hours)
Other resources you might access to inform/enhance your internship (books, people, programs, etc)
  1. Professional Ability:  Competencies and Skills
(The DOING of ministry)
GOALS:  What do you want to learn how to do better?
OBJECTIVES:  How do you concretely intend to learn these things?
  1. The Inner Life:  Personal, Spiritual, Relational Work
(The BEING of ministry)
GOALS:  What aspects of your inner life do you want to give some attention to during this internship?
OBJECTIVES:  How do you intend to do this?
  1. Theological Reflection and Integration
(The THINKING of a minister)
GOALS:  What theological issues do you hope to consider during this internship?
OBJECTIVES:  In what ways will you keep these issues central in the internship?
  1. Plans for self-care:
                                        +        +        +
We agree to this contract for learning and intend to honor it.

______________________________            ________________________
Student                                                                        Supervisor
______________________________            ________________________
Pastor                                                              Staff Parish Chairperson                                             

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