Lenten Study

Join Bishop Ruben Saenz Jr. as he navigates the Stations of the Cross during Lent. Each Wednesday and Sunday, the bishop will provide a short video reflection on a portion of the Passion story. The videos will be available on this page of our website and on the conference's Facebook page. 

Follow along during Lent — starting with Ash Wednesday and concluding Good Friday.

If you get behind, catch up on this page, where the videos will remain until after we celebrate Resurrection Sunday.

Station 14 — (April 15) A Rich Man Gives His Tomb to Jesus

Station 13 — (April 13) Jesus Commits Himself to God

Station 12 — (April 10) Jesus Creates the Household of Faith

Station 11 — (April 6) Jesus Makes a Promise to a Criminal

Station 10 — (April 3) Jesus Forgives Those Who Crucify Him

Station 9 — (March 30) Jesus Addresses the Daughters of Jerusalem

Station 8 — (March 27) Simon Carries the Cross

Station 7 — (March 23) Jesus Carries the Cross

Station 6 — (March 20) Jesus is Scourged

Station 5 — (March 16) Pilate Judges Jesus

Station 4 — (March 13) Peter Denies Jesus

Station 3 — (March 9) Sanhedrin

Station 2 — (March 6) Betrayal

Station 1 — (Ash Wednesday) In the Garden