Living your Call in the Great Plains


Virtual Visits for Seminary Students

We’re hosting a Virtual Meet-Up via Zoom several times this fall for anyone interested in learning more about ministry in the Great Plains. The Virtual Meet-Up is our digital equivalent of setting up a table in the Commons area at your seminary and will be “come-and-go” during the scheduled hour. You’ll have a chance to chat with other seminary students, and Rev. Ashlee Alley Crawford will share about life in the Great Plains. Plus, by showing up, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a fun little gift-package that we’ll send one lucky winner at each Meet-Up!

Watch for meet-up dates in the fall!

If you’d like to meet one on one with Ashlee or one of the District Superintendents, sign up here. Reach out to Ashlee at with any questions.


Don’t know much about the Great Plains Conference – the 1,000-plus churches of Kansas and Nebraska?

You’re not alone. Kansans have heard all of the “Wizard of Oz” lines, but we still give props to Dorothy and Toto. And Nebraska? If all you can think of is Cornhuskers football and beef – yes, that’s there.

But there’s so much more to both of these places we call home.


Nebraska and Kansas have some of the lowest costs-of-living in the nation – 11.5% and 8.7% lower, respectively, than the national average.

And whether you’re serving in 200,000-plus population cities or towns with a few hundred or fewer people, you’ll find some of the friendliest folks in the country. And you’ll find people who have a deep love and commitment for Jesus and for their churches.


People in the Great Plains know how to have a good time. From the nightlife, professional sports teams and college athletics in our larger cities to highly acclaimed community theater in the smaller towns, not to mention arenas and stadiums for A-list shows and many miles of hiking and biking trails, there’s always something happening!

And many of our cities and towns host festivals that bring communities together. In the Great Plains, that means celebrating everything from tulips and cherry blossoms to dairy cattle and chickens to cranes and even Kool-Aid!



Get your camera ready. Smithsonian magazine says Kansas’ Flint Hills “might be the most beautiful place in America.” Nebraska’s Sandhills, which cover about a quarter of the state, is designated as a National Natural Landmark. You’ll also find beauty in the skyline of Kansas City, the massive Keeper of the Plains sculpture in Wichita, Lincoln’s Sunken Gardens and Omaha’s many distinct neighborhoods. And let’s not forget the lush, green croplands of our two states, as well as the quaint Main Streets and community gathering spaces in the medium and small towns throughout the Great Plains.

Rivers are the lifeblood of many of the communities in our states, with magnificent views and advantages throughout.

Kansas: Smithsonian Magazine says the Flint Hills “might be the most beautiful place in America”

What is it like to be a pastor in the Great Plains?

  • Some of our newer pastors talk about why they choose to serve in the Great Plains Conference and how they see the Holy Spirit at work in our Great Start video series.
  • Watch these videos to hear more stories from experienced pastors in the Great Plains Conference:

Rev. Amy Lippoldt
Called: No Answer

Rev. Jeff Clinger
Redeemed and Called

Clergy Compensation

Clergy Compensation packages are set by local churches in consultation with the Cabinet, but the minimum annual salary package for credentialed clergy serving in the Great Plains is as follows for appointments starting July 1, 2022: 

  • Full Time Local Pastor $38,746
  • Associate Member  $41,253
  • Provisional Member* $43,761
  • Full Member* $46,269


  • housing allowance (determined by the church) or parsonage
  • Health Insurance Stipend^ $15,850 
  • Pension+

*This means a deacon or elder who are appointed to serve a Great Plains UMC congregation. Members serving in Extension Ministry (appointments beyond the local church) are not subject to minimum salary.

^This is for clergy in at least ¾ time local church appointments

+This is for clergy in at least half-time local church appointments


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