Matching Grant Internships


Many churches in the Great Plains have a rich history of summer interns. For other churches, they’ve cultivated someone within the congregation who is ready to take a step of faithfulness to explore a summer of full-time ministry. The conference is making available matching grants for churches who have identified someone who could serve as an intern for the summer.

Our objectives for Church Matching Internship Grants are:

  • To help churches identify a young person with gifts for ministry
  • To support a vibrant and creative summer season of ministry
  • To connect interns with a learning community of other interns throughout the summer

Three Types of matching grants will be considered:

  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Kids Ministry


  • Your intern will be paid an hourly rate (at least minimum wage) for up to 40 hours per week. Internship must be a minimum of 10 weeks.
  • Internship runs May 22 – July 30
  • Mentor and Intern will complete onboarding expectations provided by the conference
  • Mentor will attend one meeting prior to internship begins and an exit check-in (all virtual meetings, dates and times TBD).
  • Your intern is at least 18 years old
  • Someone from the church staff will be an assigned supervisor throughout the summer and will meet weekly with the intern for supervision and making space for reflecting on the intern’s summer learning.
  • The Conference will fund up to $2000 per intern, and the expectation is to match your church’s contribution.
  • A Conference staff person will check in several times throughout the summer and will be available for resourcing.

Application closes March 30.