Membership Records

Why keep membership records? Membership records are one of the most-requested records of a local church or church archive. People conducting geneological research are often searching for membership and baptism records kept at the local church.

Unlike many revival leaders, John Wesley established and sustained communities of Christians that were strong enough to grow through the centuries and develop into The United Methodist Church. He understood salvation as a process that requires community, ongoing support and nurture, and accountability in Christian living. Concern for souls, individually and collectively, motivated the careful record keeping that became characteristic of the faith communities now constituting The United Methodist Church. (Adapted from United Methodist Membership Records Manual, published by The United Methodist Publishing House.)

This manual provides the membership secretary, church staff, and ministry teams with the information and instructions they need to maintain membership records and nurture individuals through their faith journey. The record system also helps staff prepare the connectional reports that help us study how our denomination is changing so that we can encourage the ministry of each congregation. The manual includes a sample of each record sheet and complete instructions on completing each record.

The manual contains sample pages with all of the membership forms along with guidance for their use.

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