Mercy and Justice

What does the Lord require of you? Mercy and Justice ministries of the Great Plains Conference resources local congregations to work toward justice in their communities.

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The mercy and justice team has the primary responsibility for helping local congregations develop ministries to achieve our United Methodist mission of world transformation. Through ministries of mercy and ministries of justice (justice ministries address systemic issues of poverty, prejudice and other social concerns).

This team fulfills the function of the Conference Board of Global Ministries; the Conference Board of Church and Society; Christian unity and interfaith organizations; Volunteers in Mission; criminal justice and mercy ministries; and relates to our global mission partnerships in Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Haiti.

The disaster response team falls in the mercy and justice category and is led by Hollie Tapley. The disaster response team will oversee training of disaster volunteers, emergency preparedness in local churches, and organize the conference response to disasters.

The Great Plains mercy and justice coordinator is Kalaba Chali.

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