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United Methodists are connected Christians.

In the Great Plains Conference, that means we have relationships across Kansas and Nebraska. And it also means we have connections elsewhere in the United States and around the world.

By the time the Great Plains convenes for its annual conference June 1-4 in Topeka, Kansas, the conference hopes to raise $100,000 each for three of our multicultural mission partners. All three provide important missionary work and, in their own ways, seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Make contributions to your church by designating which of the three campaigns you wish to support. If you wish to divide your contribution equally among all three, please write "split equally" on your check.


Zimbabwe East Conference office

While much talk in the secular media has focused on the decline of membership in mainline Christian churches, comparatively little has been said about the tremendous surge in Christianity in Africa. In fact, Africa is among the fastest-growing portions of the United Methodist Church.

With that growth comes a need for structure and a better means of synchronizing the efforts of churches and the leadership needed to help the local congregations succeed. And that is why the Great Plains Conference wants to raise $100,000 for the Zimbabwe Episcopal Area. Specifically, money would go toward the construction of the new Zimbabwe East Annual Conference’s building, which is meant to serve as a communications hub to coordinate the many ministries taking place there.

As of February, the Zimbabwe Episcopal Area had 222,208 members served by 397 pastors. Congregations totaled 970, with 431 of those located in the Zimbabwe East Annual Conference. The growth has led to discussion of Zimbabwe receiving a second bishop after the 2016 General Conference. While that is no guarantee, it is certain that funds to build the new conference center will help with ministerial efforts in the Zimbabwe East Annual Conference and beyond.

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Lydia Patterson Institute

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For more than 100 years, the Lydia Patterson Institute in El Paso, Texas, has served students both in its city and from across the border in Juarez, Mexico. Through education and a safe environment for learning, the Lydia Patterson Institute provides hope for a brighter future for its more than 400 students in grades 9 through 12.

Approximately 70 percent of its students travel across the border every weekday to receive the finest college-preparatory education, a key to a better future that would not be possible because of financial constraints in their home city and country.

The Lydia Patterson Institute is a true success story, with approximately 95 percent of its students moving on to college after high school. And their learning takes place in an environment that promotes Christian and United Methodist values. Teens who attend Lydia Patterson are not just prepared for college but for life via chapel services, a lay ministry program that fosters the next generation of bilingual and bicultural leaders of the United Methodist Church, ministerial internships and outreach efforts in which students serve the community.

The Great Plains Conference aims to help the institute raise $100,000 to expand the number of classrooms to meet the growing need for a safe place to learn not just about math, science and reading, but about Jesus and the hope He provides for the world.

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Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference

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This conference may trace its origins to what has become known as the “Trail of Tears,” but the work done with and for the Native American people of Oklahoma and parts of Kansas, Missouri and Texas provides a picture of hope through Jesus Christ.

With more than 6,000 members in 84 churches, five fellowships and a community center, the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference not only preaches about Christ, but also encourages mission work, cares for people of all ages and races, and has among its primary goals the caring and nurturing of the American Indian people. Throughout the many forms of ministry, the OIMC holds true to the concept that people can affirm their culture while witnessing to God’s grace through their native languages, hymns and traditions.

But the OIMC needs assistance to help continue this blending of Wesleyan theology with Native American culture. The OIMC struggles to support pastors who help deliver these messages. The churches, much like many in the Great Plains Conference, are small and sometimes separated by large distances. Many serve low-income areas. As a result, the OIMC has the lowest-paid pastors in the South Central Jurisdiction, of which the Great Plains is a part. The minimum salary in the OIMC is only about $29,000, about $5,000 below the threshold for a local licensed pastor in the Great Plains and nearly $12,000 below the minimum for a full elder in Kansas and Nebraska.

The Great Plains wants to raise $100,000 to help fund an endowment for pastoral support in the OIMC. These funds would help OIMC churches pay skilled pastors to continue to provide the congregational care and community outreach needed in the communities they serve.

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