Music Licensing for Worship

Christian Copyright Solutions (CCS)
Christian Copyright Solutions was launched in 2001 out of a desire to provide online solutions through its web based CopyrightSolver application to simplify the copyright clearance process. Since that time, CCS has helped more than 2,000 congregations become copyright compliant, ranging from small local churches to some of the largest churches in the country.

CCS' founder, Susan Fontaine Godwin, is an educator and long-time member of the Christian arts community with more than 26 years of experience in the Christian media industry, church copyright administration and copyright management.

CCS offers a number of licenses to cover music performance, live streaming and archiving worship on the Internet, and create CDs and DVDs of performances, photocopies, downloads and websites.

For more information, CCS website has a Great Plains Conference page. To save 10 percent on any CCS license, use promo code CKKS.

CCS also sends out a monthly newsletter that offers information, tips and resources.


Church Copyright License (CCLI)
The Church Copyright License service was born in the music department of a large church — Bible Temple in Portland, Ore. It began in 1984 when Bible Temple's pastor first became aware of copyright law and a pending $3.1 million lawsuit against the Arch-diocese of Chicago. He asked his music minister, Howard Rachinski, to see what could be done about the copyright crisis.

In January 1985, Howard began to develop a "permission of use" concept, whereby churches could obtain blanket permission for specific copying activities, which he labeled "non-commercial." It was called Starpraise Ministries and was to be CCLI's predecessor.

CCLI also offers a variety of licensing options to cover activities such as photocopying music for rehearsals, streaming or archiving worship on the Internet, showing videos in worship, and podcasting.

Visit for more information about the church music copyright license.