Network Grants




Background and Purpose

The Great Plains Conference is encouraging collaborative ministry among churches through a system of networks. As these networks determine ways to make disciples and do justice in their areas in accordance with district/conference strategy, the conference will provide seed money to the projects/initiatives.

Fund Award and Use

Grant applications must be submitted for each project/initiative. Typically, each network will receive only one grant per year. The final size of the grant awarded will be based on the application and an evaluation of the projected strategic impact of the ministry.

Matching Requirement

Networks applying for grants are expected to share in funding the ministry that they seek to initiate or strengthen. Applications should reflect the network’s financial commitment to the project or initiative being proposed.

Award Criteria

Awards will be made by the District Superintendent in consultation with the District Strategy Team or the Cabinet, depending on size of request. Grantees will be selected based upon an evaluation of the strategic impact of the proposal and upon the demonstrated commitment of the network leadership and congregations to supporting and participating in its success.

Submission Content and Deadline

Request for grants should not exceed two (2) pages and must include the following:

  • Amount and time period of the grant
  • Source(s) and amount of additional supporting funds
  • Description of the project/initiative to be funded
  • Anticipated outcomes and impact focused on the missional priorities of the district/conference
  • Measurement/evaluation criteria for anticipated outcomes
  • Timeline for implementation
  • Contact information for the individual submitting the request

Requests may be submitted to the District Superintendent at any time throughout the year.

Follow-up Report Requirement

After the project/initiative, the network will submit a report detailing the impact, use of funds, and suggestions for changes if continued or undertaken again.

Questions and Clarification

Questions concerning submissions or other matters may be directed to the District Superintendent.