Network Grants




Social Justice Seed Money

Do you have a project that you think could address a social justice issue, but you need a little help to get started? Social justice seed money grants are available to local churches within networks for outreach ministries focusing on root causes of injustices and the underlying reasons of why people are in need and working toward structural changes. Grant range: $500-$1000


Mission Engagement Grants

Apply for mission engagement grants for domestic and foreign missions to local churches within networks. Priority is given to teams who engage in mission in ways that lead to self-sustaining solutions among the locals. The team leader and all team members must be Safe Gathering certified. Grant range: $500-$6000


Education Partnership

Offering matching mini-grants to churches to help with direct expenses for jump-starting a sustainable partnership in support of a local public school(s). United Methodist congregations in Nebraska and Kansas can apply online for $500-$1,000 to match local contributions. Priority will be given to churches that are forming or have formed a partnership or collaboration with one or more local public schools.


Campus Ministry/ Community College grant

Offering seed money to networks who want to reach out to community colleges or colleges in your area. Explore ministry on campus through your local churches. Grant range: $500-1000


Young Adult Cohort

Providing seed money to assist leaders in their 20s-30s or to churches who are ministering with 20s-30s in the development of young leaders, including start-up of new, innovative young adult ministries or to enhance a current ministry. Bring members of the community together, prepare young adults for leadership, and reach those who live in a community and not connected with the church. Imagination grants of up to $500.

2019 Deadlines

  • March 1 — Spring deadline, awards announced April 9
    • April 16 — Distribution of funds
  • June 30 – Summer deadline, awards announced July 23
    • July 30 – Distribution of funds
  • Sept. 15 — Fall deadline, awards announced Oct. 15
    • Oct. 22 — Distribution of funds
  • One month following the conclusion of the project, a report discussing the following things will be due:
    • How did the network work together to accomplish this project?
    • Share a story of how people were impacted through the project.
    • Include an evaluation survey

All funds should be spent with final documentation submitted by Sept. 1, 2020.