Network Intern

The network intern position is a learning opportunity designed for students to work with a designated network mentor pastor, a connection of churches, and a particular mission field. By participating in the network, the intern can receive a variety of experiences in the mission field and participate in numerous ways the network does ministry.
In consultation with mentoring pastor, the intern will create their own learning goals around the thinking, being, and doing of ministry. Preference is given to students interested in exploring their vocational goals (ex. education majors might be interested in working with children or in a teaching setting outside of a traditional classroom). 

Suggested ministry experiences for a Network Intern:

  • Assist with worship in various churches
  • Preach once in some capacity at each church, and can be substitute for pastor when out of town
  • Sit in on various committees and teams of interest
  • Interview all pastors and staff about their call to ministry and life in the church
  • If the network has Vacation Bible School, serve in area of leadership.
  • If the network has a study, project or research to explore, share with intern.
  • Attend monthly network meetings  
  • Reflect on how they can serve in faith and leadership in the churches
Here is a sample Network Learning Contract.
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