Map of networks within the Great Plains Conference. View list of networks.

GPUMC NETWORK LEADERS with Bishop Ruben Saenz Jr. from Great Plains UMC on Vimeo.

About Networks



What is a network?

  • A network is a celebration of connectedness as small groups of leaders come together for covenant, accountability, resource and mission to the community.
  • A network leader is positive, eager to gather United Methodist leaders together more than in the local area to identify issues and address ways to work together collaboratively and on the same United Methodist team.

We are Wesleyan. We are connected. We work together in circuits/networks. We are not in isolation or competition, and can harness our efforts for the greater good in our communities.

How do we see each other as colleagues and work in our communities as leaders in the United Methodist Church who are connected to one another? We bring to the table a pastor and lay representative from each church to envision, collaborate and see how to make an impact in the areas to which we are sent.



Network Leaders meet regularly with the DS on behalf of the network. 

  • Schedule meetings for the year, to allow for planning around them.
  • Connect with people not at the meetings.
  • Pray for one another in-between meeting times.
  • Send minutes from the network meetings to the DS.


Materials for Getting Started



District Strategy

Choose from your District Strategies to come up with your local churches’ goals.

Each District is called to have a District Strategy, with the District Superintendent being the Missional Strategist. Check out your District Strategy below:


List of Networks

There are 101 networks. Which one are you in? Here are the networks by district:


Other Conferences who are also doing networks:


Evaluating Your Network


Grants for Networks

The Great Plains Conference is encouraging collaborative ministry among churches through a system of networks. As these networks determine ways to make disciples and do justice in their areas in accordance with district/conference strategy, the conference will provide seed money to the projects/initiatives. Visit our Network Grant page to learn more.