Networks Best Practices

Best Practices & Self-Assessment: "Is the Network Working?"

  • Clear Definition and purpose of networks by all participants
    • Do you know what a network is and why?
  • Full participation of all churches
    • Who is coming and participating? Are meetings scheduled? Is the network leader checking in on people not at the meeting?   
  • Common places where all can work together and 1-2 common tasks defined
    • Is there a purpose defined in coming together? 
  • People involved in network initiative
    • Is there a goal or grant that the network is working on together? How many churches are participating?
  • Visionary Leadership
    • Are the lay and clergy leaders speaking equally at the table? Is the network moving in a direction?
  • Resource Center, Grants, Trainings
    • What resources are used by the districts and networks?
  • Accountability practices from leader to District Superintendent
    • Administrative minutes, communication, spiritual, prayers, presence, and connection with all group members.
  • Network collective worship numbers, quarterly reports
    • How are we doing on professions of faith? Worship? Small groups?

Download the PDF here for your network self-assessment.


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