New Congregations


Urban Abbey – Omaha, Nebraska

Rev. Debra McKnight, Pastor
Our mission field is the Downtown community of Omaha.  We are at the intersection of wealth and poverty, racial and ethnic divides and we most important we are surrounded by people who believe the church has little relevance in their lives.  We are offering an alternative way of seeing the church as part of every day, from a simple cup of coffee they might get every morning, they know the church is there after all.  We work to connect with people where they are and if they want to join us in a mission of making a difference the can start with a cup of coffee and if they want...they can join us in service or at an event to learn more about our community partner.  Our hope is, that as they warm up to us, they will join us on the journey of discipleship.  Our hope is to be a sustainable coffee shop that serves as a hub for connection and a launch pad for ministry.  

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Lifebridge – Shawnee, Kansas

Rev. Steven Blair
The mission of LifeBridge is to develop a community where spiritually connected and disconnected people become healthy, fully engaged followers of Christ. LifeBridge just celebrated her 4th anniversary by producing a DVD and sharing a pot luck feast, complete with balloons and birthday cake!

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Saint Mark UMC Southeast Campus

Rev. Rhonda Kingwood, Lead Pastor
Saint Mark United Methodist Church has always been a church willing to engage in risk taking mission.  For over 103 years, we have done whatever it takes to meet the growing needs of our community as we reach and transform lives for Jesus Christ.  In June of 2013, Saint Mark entered into a historical "Elijah/Elisha" merger with Epworth UMC.  The all new Saint Mark Southeast builds on the historical legacy of Epworth as it brings a renewed energy, focus and commitment to pursue our mission with even more intensity that will broaden our ministry impact.  What an awesome opportunity to be a part of this new ministry.  Together we will make a significant difference that will have a lasting impact in the lives of our children and our children's children.  Our best days are ahead!

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