Carrying the cross


Thirty-five members of the Harlan Lake UMC Parish (Alma and Republican City, Nebraska) and friends experienced “Carrying the Cross” for the first time on Good Friday. Members met in Alma and took turns carrying the cross approximately three miles on the walking trail to Methodist Cove campground at the Harlan County Reservoir. Nine golf carts followed along for those who wanted to ride part or all of the way. Prior to the walk, bottles of water were placed by the trail with a sign that read, “Free to those who thirst for Him.”

When they arrived at the campsite, where Easter sunrise service was to be held, Pastor James Bendorf was carrying the cross. He knelt with the cross before it was stood up. Pastor Bendorf then read the story of the crucifixion from Matthew 27 and closed with prayer. Alma UMC member Jill Bauer’s comment after the walk was, “What an experience.”

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