Bishop’s Round-Up Against Hunger to celebrate 37th year


The annual Bishop’s Round-Up Against Hunger is an event to celebrate all that the church does for the poor and hungry throughout the year. The Bishop’s Round-Up Against Hunger  is celebrating its 37th year. Formerly an event of the Kansas East Conference, the Bishop’s Round-Up Against Hunger is now celebrating Hunger Ministries throughout the Great Plains United Methodist Conference.

The Bishop’s Round-Up Against Hunger event takes place in Lawrence, Kansas, at the Douglas County Fairgrounds on the third Saturday in November. The event brings together churches of the former Kansas East Conference and more than 25 agencies served by the former Kansas East Conference. As we continue to transition to the Great Plains Conference, we welcome all churches who want to participate in the event to come and celebrate with us all that the church is doing to meet the needs of the poor and hungry.

During the event, congregations bring items to donate to the participating agencies. Items churches can bring to the event are listed on this brochure. After the items have been unloaded by youth, they are distributed to the participating agencies who have come to the event to receive the gifts from the church. 

The evening before the Bishop’s Round-Up Against Hunger event is a youth lock-in. More than 100 youth gather for worship, fellowship and a mission challenge. They attempt to get some rest for the day of work ahead. This event is held at the Lawrence First UMC’s West Campus. Details will be posted on our Facebook page.

One major aspect of the Bishop’s Round-Up Against Hunger is raising cash donations for Mexico and Haiti and local agencies through grants. All cash donations are divided 40 percent to Mexico, 40 percent to Haiti and 20 percent to local agencies. Churches can give to these ministries through the Bishop’s Round-Up Against Hunger. Churches bring their donations to the celebration event or they mail them to the conference office using “968 Hunger Roundup Funds” in the memo.  Please consider making a cash donation to the Bishop’s Round-Up Against Hunger.

The Bishop’s Round-Up Against Hunger also tracks what each church is doing throughout the conference in regards to their local involvement in hunger ministries. There is a form on the GP website that churches can use to report what they do locally to fight hunger in their community. We ask that each church submit this form by the end of each calendar year. If you are unable to come to the celebration event in November in Lawrence, you can still participate in the celebration by completing this form with information about your work locally.

The Bishop’s Round-Up Against Hunger would like to communicate with you on at least a monthly basis. If you would like to have information sent to your inbox about the Bishop’s Round-Up Against Hunger, please click on this link to provide us some basic contact information.

Thank you for your part in meeting the needs of the poor and hungry. We look forward to seeing you in Lawrence, Kansas, on November 15, as we celebrate the work of the church in these areas.

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