Chapman UMC gets creative to raise money for Imagine No Malaria


Pipe-cleaner mosquitos placed on a net represent donations to Imagine No Malaria as part of a three-week fundraiser at Chapman UMC. (photos by Joyce Leach)
To raise money for Imagine No Malaria, the Chapman United Methodist Church got creative for a three-week project this summer.

A net was hung in the narthex of the church with a baby doll inside the net. Each time $10 was donated, a mosquito made of pipe cleaners was placed on the net.

To encourage donating, the congregation was given the opportunity to bid on a quilted wall hanging made by church member Trudy Barker. People could purchase a ticket for $1 or six tickets for $5. The money was collected to give to the Imagine No Malaria initiative, and the tickets, with the purchasers’ names on them, were placed in a can for a drawing.

The project was introduced to the congregation by showing a clip from the “Imagine No Malaria” DVD, and brochures about the anti-malaria initiative were handed out to members.

A weekly “Moment for Mission” written by church member Joyce Leach helped keep interest in fighting malaria alive.

At the end of the three weeks, 73 mosquitos had been placed on the net, representing the $735 in total donations to Imagine No Malaria.


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