Summer internship program application deadline is Sunday, March 8


Young adults interested in growing their faith and leadership skills now have a one-stop shop when it comes to finding the right fit.

The Summer Internship Program of the Great Plains Conference gives young adults a chance to explore hands-on ministry and leadership in a variety of fields. While combining the previously offered summer offerings (Micah Corps, vacation Bible school and camp counselors) into a clear leadership development system, four new internships – pastoral leadership, Hispanic ministry, youth ministry and youth planter – have emerged.

“The internship program is a way for young adults to use their gifts to learn and serve during the summer,” said the Rev. Nicole Conard, coordinator of young leadership for the Great Plains Conference.

Time is running out to apply for the internships — there is a March 8 application deadline with interviews taking place March 13 and 27. Each participant will receive $2,500 to $3,000, and housing will be provided. Preferred candidates will have completed high school or have at least one year of post-high school work experience, be Safe Gatherings certified* and will work full-time for a total of 10 weeks over the summer.

“Interns can expect to learn more about their gifts, how they work in a team and how they are developing as a leader,” said Conard. “They can learn about how to communicate effectively with others, work together for a common goal and see how God is calling them to the next faithful step in their lives.”

Do you know a young adult who is looking to expand their faith? Applications are being received at until March 8. Is there an internship you think would be a great fit for a young adult in your life?

  • Micah Corps internships have been offered for the past seven years. Micah Corps interns learn about connecting their faith with social justice and practice leadership skills by visiting, researching and presenting key social justice topics throughout the conference.
  • Vacation Bible school (VBS) interns from small church development have been offered for a few years. VBS interns will lead VBS, paint a house and visit the elderly in a new community each week – all while experiencing life-changing, faith-developing opportunities.
  • Camp counselors have been an integral part of camping for a long time. Counselors will spend the summer guiding students in an intentional community and throughout camp creation. Students range from first grade to high school seniors. There are six camps that are in need of counselors: Camp Chippewa near Ottawa, Kansas; Camp Comeca near Cozad, Nebraska; Camp Fontanelle near Nickerson, Nebraska; Camp Horizon near Arkansas City, Kansas; Camp Norwesca near Chadron, Nebraska; and Camp Lakeside near Scott City, Kansas.
  • Pastoral leadership is from the Clergy Excellence and Board of Ordained Ministry and provides a way for young adults to be an apprentice to a pastor. Interns will explore their gifts in ministry through serving full-time in a local church, will be mentored by a pastor and will share in various aspects of pastoral leadership.
  • Youth ministry interns will serve alongside youth ministers. The interns in this program will explore youth ministry in a local church by being mentored and assisting leadership of a youth ministry throughout the summer.
  • Hispanic Ministry interns gather to study and learn how to develop young leaders in Hispanic/Latino communities and work in conjunction with Hispanic Young Leadership Academy (HYLA) in the summer. Interns will work will local churches who are bridge cultural, linguistic and generational gaps.
  • Church Planter interns learn and serve besides a church planter pastor and are on an invitational basis.
Some local churches in the Great Plains Conference also offer their own internships. “We are grateful that this is happening, and we encourage more internships throughout our conference,” said Conard. “

The Summer Internship program helps identify key young adult leaders in the Great Plains Conference. It can help highlight their gifts and graces and assists in a growth of faith and service long after the internship. At the beginning of each internship, participants receive initial training followed by a closing training at the end of the 10 weeks.

“The closing training can help provide logical next steps so that their journey in leadership and faith can continue,” said Conard. Relationships built during the internships can last long after the summer months have passed and can inspire one another to continue to build upon one’s faith and leadership.

Conard looks to continue to grow the program and see where other opportunities are that young adults can learn and serve in the conference and local churches within the conference.

“Investing in young people and providing ways for them to lead is one of the best things we can do as disciples of Christ,” said Conard. “The Great Plains internships is another ministry to come alongside the work of our local churches and continue to help develop leaders.”

The Summer Internship program is a collaborative effort across the Great Plains Conference with Mercy and Justice, Small Church Membership, Clergy Excellence, Board of Ordained Ministry, Youth Ministry, Hispanic Ministry, Camping and Young Adult Leadership Development. To learn more about the program, go to You can also contact Conard at

*Certification can be completed during the application process. See application for details.

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