Young adults provided with Exploration scholarships


If you know a young adult, ages 18-26, who have sensed God might be calling them to ordained ministry, have wondered what ministry in The United Methodist Church is all about, would like help sifting through issues involved in an ordained vocation, or want to learn more about The United Methodist seminaries and theological schools, tell them about Exploration. Exploration is a three-day event for young adults to hear, discern and respond to God’s call to ordained ministry and to explore their gifts for service as a deacon or elder in The United Methodist Church. This year, Exploration will be held in Orlando, Florida, on Nov. 6-8.

The most pressing detail? There is a Sept. 1 deadline for a scholarship for first time attendees. There is no registration scholarship available for repeat attendees but it is suggested that the local campus ministry or local congregation cover all or part of registration fees that aren’t covered by scholarships.
There is also good news about travel The United Methodist Campus Ministry Board (UMCM) and Board of Ordained Ministry (BoOM) are pooling resources and are committing to covering the air travel for Great Plains Conference attendees. Campus ministers, if you’re interested in attending along with a student, talk with Nicole Conard. There is a limited (but generous) amount of funds available, so act now. Any plane tickets that are covered by the UMCM and BoOM funds need to be purchased by Oct. 1 with the receipt forwarded to Ashlee Alley for reimbursement.

In summary:

  • UMCM and BoOM will cover air travel when flights are booked by Oct. 1.
  • Individual campus ministry sites will be responsible for coordinating/covering transportation to airport and individual booking.
  • GBHEM has $200 scholarships when registered by Sept. 1. Scholarship info and registration info. The standard registration fee is $225 and will be raised after Sept. 1. Also, the scholarships are not disbursed until the student attends Exploration. They should leave with a check for reimbursement for $200.
  • If you want to attend with your students, contact Nicole Conard for info about your scholarship/travel fund needs.
  • Act fast, and know that we’re praying for God to raise up students in your campus ministry and on your campus who have the gift for and call to ministry in the UMC.
By the way, if you get a question about whether others can attend Exploration, the answer is yes for anyone aged 18-26. Feel free to share this information with alumni or others that you may know who are discerning a call! If they have questions, direct them to Ashlee Alley.
Feel free to use the following “blurb” below to send via email or Facebook with the essential information. If you have any additional questions, contact Ashlee Alley at

Promotional Blurb:

Are you or do you know a college student or other young adult who has the gifts for and a possible call to ministry? Consider attending Exploration, a three-day event for young adults aged 18-26 to hear, discern, and respond to God’s call to ordained ministry and to explore their gifts for service as a deacon or elder in The United Methodist Church.
The details:
  • It’s held in Orlando, Florida, Nov. 6-8, 2015 for anyone aged 18-26
  • Registration is $225 but $200 scholarships are available if you register by Sept. 1 and includes hotel, food and ground transportation into addition to the conference attendance. A late registration fee will be added after Sept. 1, and the registration scholarship will no longer be available.
  • Air transportation will be covered by the Great Plains Conference if you book your flight by Oct. 1 (while funds last…see below* for guidelines)
  • It’s a potentially life-changing opportunity to be open to or get direction in God’s call in the context of other young adults, ministries of the church and campus ministers!
  • To register, contact your Great Plains United Methodist campus minister before September 1
For any questions related to Exploration, contact the Rev. Ashlee Alley at or your local Campus Minister.

*Air transportation will be covered up to $500/person for best available flights booked by Oct. 1 and receipt forwarded to Transportation to the departing airport will be the responsibility of the individual or sending campus ministry. There is a limited amount of funding for travel scholarships. Apply early!

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