Epworth Village seeks more partners for its ministries


The ministry of Epworth Village at York, Nebraska, has a small group of committed United Methodist volunteers who work tirelessly to raise awareness about the Christ-like work Epworth Village is doing in Nebraska.  Epworth needs churches, individuals and families to become involved by praying for and supporting this nearby mission effort. In doing so, they become “Epworth Village Foundation Partners.”

These volunteers are Epworth Mission Interpreters and are prepared to go to churches and groups to share the story of Epworth Village. In the past two years, interpreters have visited 150 churches Great Plains churches. The goal is to visit 100 more by the end of 2016.  Another goal is to have an Epworth Lay Ambassador, or contact person, in each congregation. 

Epworth Mission Interpreters recently met in two locations –  Lincoln Calvary United Methodist Church and Anselmo United Methodist Church. They shared information, orientation, updates and discussed ways to reach out regarding the latest work of Epworth. 

A wide variety of United Methodists are involved and come from all areas of Nebraska.  They are intergenerational, retired clergy, college students, lay persons and active mission personnel. 

The partners program calls for ongoing prayer and provides participants the opportunity to donate money either on a one-time or ongoing basis. Download the form for the Epworth Village Foundation Partners program.

Please contact Harrietta Reynolds, Epworth Partner coordinator, if you would like an Epworth Mission Interpreter to come to your church.  She can be reached at 308-940-0147 or via email at hrepartner@ymail.com.

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