Focus changing for Epworth Village


As the landscape in caring for abused and neglected children changes in Nebraska, Epworth Village is adapting to better serve the needs of at-risk children and families. 

In keeping with its strategic plan and vision for the future, Epworth Village, which is based in York, Nebraska, will discontinue residential group home services in order to focus its time, energy, and resources to its in-home family services and foster care programs. Employees have been notified of the transition, and Epworth Village is committed in helping the residential care and learning center staff find positions within Epworth Village and new employment opportunities.  

“To best address the needs of children, we first must prevent dysfunction in the family before it is too late," said Louise Niemann, president of the board of directors for Epworth Village Inc. "This new focus will allow for more preventative work before children and families enter "the system."

With this shift in focus the organization will be positioned to serve even more children, both boys and girls, and their families.  Epworth Village will be on the front lines in providing preventative support and tools to families in need of healing. 

With the strategic focus centered on providing the best in home family services and foster care in Nebraska, this change will also allow broader expanded services, better support, and stronger families in our communities. 

“Through our partnerships with the state of Nebraska, other agencies, and our strategic plan, it is apparent that a move toward providing services for families as a whole needed to happen now," said Margaret Donovan, CEO of Epworth Village. "Epworth Village is dedicated to providing hope and healing to youth and families and has been doing so for the last 128 years and will continue to do so.  We are grateful for the tireless and generous support from staff, donors, friends, volunteers, the United Methodist churches and United Methodist Women who make Epworth Village possible and look forward to our continued partnerships as we focus on providing these services for families.”  

Additional information may be found at Epworth Villages website:

Read a brief statement and question-and-answer document provided by Epworth Village.

Story provided by Evelyn Campbell, public relations coordinator for Epworth Village.

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