Micah Corps interns create several youth activities


Creating change in the world — youth activities focus on poverty, environment, food security, peace/nonviolence and immigration.

The 2015 Micah Corps interns have created activities for youth groups that offer a series of discussions, videos and activities which will teach youth how the issues connect to their faith and challenge and inspire the youth to use their power to change the world. These activities are formatted under five four-part units where through the activities, Scripture and discussion students will learn concrete ways to be accepting, be aware and create change in their society.

Download the activities. See below to learn about each topic.
Download poster for all five lessons. (PDF) (image)

Poverty — “One in Body and One in Spirit"

Poverty is an issue that affects every community across the US. Help be part of the solution by learning more about poverty, the cliff effect, food security and advocacy. These lessons help facilitate discussion and education on a difficult and very personal topic. Only when we all raise our voices can the problem of systemic poverty change for the better. 

Download poster for poverty lesson. (PDF) (image)

Food Security — “Feeding Body and Soul”

Food is a necessity for life, but many of our brothers and sisters in Christ struggle with food insecurity. These sessions on food insecurity will help students relate the issue of food insecurity to biblical text and inform them on what they can do to solve this issue. The lesson covers topics of food deserts, food waste, and free and reduced lunch programs. By the end of the sessions students will have an understanding on how to advocate for issues related to hunger.

Download poster for food security lesson. (PDF) (image)

Environment — “Living With Our World”

When it comes to looking out at our lush greens, vibrant trees and thriving wildlife we sometimes ignore the presence of God in every living creation that is among us. The bible is filled with natural imagery but we rarely take the time to connect it to God's good creation. Whether it’s by taking care of your dog, walking outside or picking up litter, this unit helps to teach students to love God while loving the land we live on.

Download poster for environment lesson. (PDF) (image)

Immigration — “Breaking Borders”

What happens when we break down the borders that separate us? This four-part session, "Breaking Borders: Topics in Immigration", teaches students about diversity and community building. Students will explore immigration in their personal history along with the current immigration situation. With these lessons students will learn how to be accepting of immigrants and their struggles to move to a new place and adapt to new culture, language and people.

Download poster for immigration lesson. (PDF) (image)

Peace/Nonviolence — “Becoming Peacemakers”

We are called to respect each other as part of God’s creation. Yet humans throughout history have harmed one another with different forms of violence. This unit helps high-school-age students understand how we can be intentional in our use of nonviolence to solve conflicts and to fill the needs of our communities. They will learn to be advocates of peace.

Download poster for peace/nonviolence lesson. (PDF) (image)

View more information about the Micah Corps interns at greatplainsumc.org/micahcorps.

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