Pastoral Leadership interns share experience - Hannah Sipes


The Pastoral Leadership internship program is for young adults aged 18-22. This ten-week program will provide young leaders the opportunity to experience pastoral work in the most “hands-on” way possible while being supported by a mentoring pastor and a teaching congregation. Hannah Sipes served at First UMC in Manhattan, Kansas, for the summer of 2016.

My first week at Manhattan FUMC was spent with 10
awesome first grade kids at Deep Sea Discovery VBS.
It was such a blessing to discover God’s promises
One of the highlights of my summer was having the
opportunity to serve as a page for the South Central
Jurisdictional Conference along with these awesome
people. It was so incredible to witness the election and
assignment of our new bishop!
I got the unexpected pleasure of spending a lot of time
with the youth of Manhattan FUMC. I got to teach
Sunday school, help facilitate Monday Morning Medicine
and organize youth group and other youth events!
Another one of the joys of this summer was my
experiences with congregational care! I helped with
hospital visits, retirement home Bible studies and even
two funerals.
I got to preach and share part of my
testimony in both services on July 31!

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