Pastoral Leadership interns share experience - Lily Jones


The Pastoral Leadership internship program is for young adults aged 18-22. This ten-week program will provide young leaders the opportunity to experience pastoral work in the most “hands-on” way possible while being supported by a mentoring pastor and a teaching congregation. Lily Jones served at Springfield (Nebraska) UMC for the summer of 2016.

The great staff at First UMC, who made my internship
not only possible, but so much fun.
The Big Garden where we grew all kinds of vegetables
to give produce to food pantries in Omaha.
Me and my wonderful host family, on our last Sunday.
They took such good care of me this summer and
I really enjoyed living with them.
Outdoor service that had a baptism of triplets, who we
held up like in The Lion King.
My first sermon at FUMC over Luke 10:38-42, on July
17. What a great opportunity.

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