Some summer ’17 internship applications ready


It’s barely fall, but it’s time for college students to be thinking about their plans for the summer of 2017.

The Great Plains Conference is opening up the applications for summer camp workers and internships beginning Wednesday. Read information about the internships for camps and apply at Read more about camps and find summer staff applications at

Information and applications about internships in other ministry areas will be available soon on the website, so check back later for more details.

The camp opportunities are:

  • Camp Chippewa, a simple, outdoor setting near Ottawa, Kansas;
  • Camp Comeca, a year-round facility with a variety of camps near Cozad, Nebraska;
  • Camp Fontanelle, with an intentional integration of the seasons in God’s natural world, near Fontanelle, Nebraska;
  • Camp Horizon, 160 acres of woods and trails, rustic lodges and campsites, near Arkansas City, Kansas;
  • Camp Norwesca, located in the Pine Ridge District of the Nebraska National Forest, near Chadron; and
Summer internships are available in these fields:
  • Micah Corps, where participants connect their faith with social justice and practice leadership skills by visiting, researching and presenting key social justice topics throughout the Great Plains;
  • Vacation Bible School, where leaders not only lead VBS in various towns in the Great Plains, but participate in community service projects;
  • Youth Ministry, which allows exploration of youth ministry in a local church by assisting its leadership throughout the summer;
  • Hispanic Ministry, a project with local churches who are bridging cultural, linguistic and generational gaps; and
  • Pastoral Leadership, where participants are mentored by a pastor and share in various aspects of pastoral leadership.


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