Support, tutorials section added to Great Plains UM Network

Eugenio Hernandez


After weeks of research and development by the conference to suit budget constraints by churches, a new "Support and Tutorials" section has been added to the Great Plains United Methodist Network. The section encompasses turnkey solutions that usually, a third-party vendor will charge at least $10,000 to put together for churches.
Challenged with the task in need, Eugenio Hernandez, Multimedia Production Specialist for the Great Plains Conference, has created a DIY solution for churches to meet the demand to worship online to, not only to congregants but beyond their church's walls.
When you visit you will see information divided in four sections: Camera Configuration, Set-Up, Suggested Equipment, and Tutorials. A single camera configuration has been developed under $1,500 with all the bells and whistles needed to produce high-quality livestream productions. In addition, a wireless multicamera configuration (four cameras) has also been developed under $3,700.
Since its launch early July, has begun to get traction among churches in the conference who are seeking ways to get their worships online at the highest quality the industry can provide at the most affordable way possible. At a fraction of the cost mainstream providers offer such as Vimeo ($75 per month), the conference would provide churches instead a lower the cost for local churches that take part — as low as $20 per month.
To learn more about the Great Plains United Methodist Network, please visit and register in the platform at or visit an earlier article about the platform.

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