General Conference Videos - Updated May 20


Throughout the 2016 General Conference, check here for videos from the meetings taking place in Portland, Oregon. The Great Plains Conference communications staff will be working with delegates to provide insights into the happenings there and stories about what goes on outside the plenary sessions.

May 20

General Conference 2016 has been an emotional roller coaster

Frustration tempered with the world's need for The United Methodist Church

Some areas of ministry have emerged from 2016 General Conference stronger


Church has stepped over the threshold and is truly worldwide

May 19

Commissioning of missionaries provides an inspiring moment


Learning a lot about church polity and the gifts the delegation members each have


Reserve delegate opportunity provides preparation for jurisdictional conference


May 18

Tensions rise as a Council of Bishops proposal is considered


May 17

Youth delegate shares thoughts on conference, on Bishop Ough's speech

May 16

The United Methodist Women honored on the floor of General Conference

Reserve delegates fulfill many 'other duties as assigned'

May 15

Hospitality in the Portland area - good and bad - make an impression

Enjoying the connection and diversity that comes in a worldwide church

May 14

Bishop from Cuba provides insight for members of committee

Advocating for a cause adds to celebration of church's diversity

Committee meetings provide some sense of accomplishment

May 13

Hope found in the dedication, passion of people who want to be part of church

Bishop Scott Jones shares his reaction to Friday's Laity Addresss

Committee meetings provide good opportunity for improved communication

May 12

Rationale for supporting Rule 44, which failed to pass

Reflections on the worldwide reach of The United Methodist Church

May 11

General Conference veteran compares 2016 to past sessions

Bishop Scott Jones shares thoughts on Bishop Palmer's episcopal address


Bishop Gregory V. Palmer takes part in a press conference after his episcopal address

Bishop Gregory V. Palmer delivers an inspirational episcopal address



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