OneExchange (Formerly Extend Health)

Tower's Watson's OneExchange is the new name for Extend Health. Tower's Watson is the nation's leading provider of health care solutions for Medicare-eligible individuals. With OneExchange assistance, retirees and other Medicare-eligible individuals gain access to a marketplace of many different Medicare plans, including those offered by well-known national and regional insurance companies. OneExchange works as a portal, providing access to insurance carriers and benefit advisers that can assist with the decision-making process as you review your insurance options.

OneExchange offers personalized assistance to you and  your Medicare-eligible spouse, if applicable. An experienced benefit adviser will provide:

  • Individualized telephone support to help you make an informed and confident enrollment decision for your 2014 Medicare supplemental coverage. Help you use the "OneExchange Getting Started Guide" you will receive by mail and link below, to set up a time for your enrollment phone call.
  • Education about the differences between various plans and the cost of each of those plans.
  • Advice and decision-making support, based on your current coverage and future needs.
  • Assistance with enrolling in medical, prescription drug, dental and vision plans.

To learn about plan options available in your area, begin evaluating your options and get more details about the enrollment process at

OneExchange Enrollment Form

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OneExchange Getting Started Guide

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