Optional Benefits




Surency Vision offers in-network benefits, a yearly exam with a $10 co-pay, and increased coverage for eyeglass frames and contact lenses.


Great Plains Conference has two plans through Delta Dental.

  • There is the Base Option that offers preventive care at no cost and basic care for 50 percent of cost, coverage up to $1000 per member per year.
  • The Enhance Buyup Option offers preventive care at no cost, basic care for 80 percent of cost and major/orthodontics at 50 percent of cost, coverage up to $2000 per member per year, except Orthodontics.
  • The Ortho Benefit


Standard offers two accidental plan levels issuing a direct check to you for a variety of medical cost and expenses for unexpected accidents from broken tooth to injures requiring hospitalization. The plans also include a Youth Organized Sports Benefit which includes an additional 25% of total benefit payable. The plans include accidental death and dismemberment coverage, with 10% increase for air bag, helmet, and seat belt.


Critical Illness

Standard allows you to purchase coverage in increments of $5,000 to $50,000. Guaranteed coverage $30,000 employee and $15,000 spouse. Children are covered at no additional cost for 25% of the employee enrolled amount and covers 21 childhood diseases. Standard plans has a Wellness Benefit/Health Screening Benefit per member.

Supplemental Life 

The Great Plains Conference offers the option of supplemental life which includes accidental and dismemberment coverage. The guaranteed coverage for an employee or clergy is up to $150,000, spouse up to $50,000 and child(ren) up to $10,000.