Parsonage Standards

The Great Plains United Methodist Conference expects the local congregation or charge to meet requirements in the current United Methodist Book of Discipline to provide either a parsonage or a housing allowance for the pastor or pastors appointed to the church or charge.

The parsonage is the primary method of housing for pastors, churches and pastoral charges. In some locations, the parsonage has been sold and a housing allowance is provided as part of the support package for the pastor. At each appointment change, the housing allowance/parsonage requirement will be evaluated.

The parsonage is provided as a private home for the clergy and the clergy's household. The maintenance, upkeep and improvements of the parsonage are the mutual responsibility of the church, charge parish or district the pastor/parish relations committee and the clergy's household.

The current Book of Discipline requires an annual examination of the parsonage be made by named representatives of the local church or district and a report be filed with the district superintendent.

View the full Great Plains Parsonage Standards.

You are encouraged to walk through the parsonage with the outgoing pastor at least one month before the moving date so that you are aware of the repairs or updates that need to be made in order to prepare the parsonage for the incoming pastor. Doing so may allow you to schedule this work between pastors.

If damages are discovered and determined to be the responsibility of the pastor and/or family, please notify your district superintendent immediately, especially if they are extensive in scope. Forms and information for the walk through are below.

The chairperson of the Committee on Pastor Parish Relations, the chairperson of the Board of Trustees, and the pastor shall make an annual review of the church-owned parsonage to assure proper maintenance and to give immediate resolution to parsonage issues affecting the family’s health and well being.” [2012 Discipline, ¶258.2g(16)] Download the parsonage review report.

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