P.A.R.T.S. - Pastoral

This section involves sermon preparation and delivery exegesis, use of commentaries, series and lectionary and long-term planning. It also includes worship development and liturgy.

5 things to think about:

  1. Project: As a group, plan a sermon series. It can be based on the lectionary or on a theme. Work through brainstorming, resourcing, constructing, and even advertising steps. (Bonus: Each member of the group can use what you came up with!)

  2. Case study: View this YouTube video.
    It features young Duffey Strode preaching on the Oprah Winfrey show. Some questions to discuss:
    1. Do you think Duffey is preaching?
    2. How does your delivery fit your text?
    3. How well are you able to articulate the point of your sermons?
    4. How is your sermon writing influenced by your congregation?
    5. How do you utilize scripture in your sermon writing?

  3. Inspiration: View list of 146 quotes about preaching. Great for pondering, but there’s enough material here for several great group conversations. Some questions to discuss about a particular quote:
    1. What, if anything, do you know about the person who said it?
    2. What insight does this quote have regarding preaching?
    3. How could this quote influence your own sermon prep and delivery?

  4. Resource: Textweek.com (The Text This Week) is an excellent lectionary source. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the site and the many links. How can this site enhance your preaching? What if you aren’t typically a lectionary preacher?

  5. Planning: Print out copies of the UMC worship planning calendar. Carefully look through the year and discuss important dates that may affect worship planning. Talk about how to incorporate communion, holidays and church observances into a long-range plan for preaching. Discuss:
    1. Over the course of six months or a year, what kinds of themes and biblical sources would be important to draw from?
    2. What styles of preaching would connect with various groups in your congregation?
    3. What preparation will help you when it comes time to write your sermon?

Other resources:

  1. www.greatplainsumc.org/toolbox
  2. www.sharechurch.com
  3. Group mentoring guide