P.A.R.T.S. - System

This section covers the worldwide and close-at-home structures of the United Methodist Church, with special emphasis on the Great Plains UMC ordination process.

5 things to think about:


  1. Study: A “handout” for your group is at the end of the lesson:

    1. What authority does each section have? (Use the Discipline if needed)
    2. How does money flow, and for what purposes? What is apportionment?
    3. How does this play out on a global level?
    4. What are the different general boards and agencies, and what do they do?
    5. How can this information be better shared with local congregations?

  2. Project: Print off copies of the Great Plains Candidacy Guide for everyone, and spend time tracing each person’s path to candidacy, what’s been done and what’s ahead.

  3. Discussion: The Great Plains Board of Ministry site has lots of information to look at as a group. Particularly, visit www.greatplainsumc.org/interviewmaterials to see sample questions for board interviews. Note the differences between fitness – readiness – and effectiveness interviews.

  4. Case study: This video is a collection of photographs throughout the United Methodist Church in 2016. Discuss:
    1. What areas of need are shown?
    2. What areas of celebration are lifted up?
    3. What issues of conflict do you see represented?
    4. What does any of this have to do with your local church?

  5. Review: Visit www.greatplainsumc.org/chargeconferenceresources and review the forms that are required at annual conference. Who fills out what? What is the purpose for each form? What other kinds of forms does the conference require throughout the year?

Other resources:

  1. Step-by-step guide
  2. BOOM forms for mentoring report