Planter CORE Crucible

After a pitch to NCD and a fully developed plant plan has been created and passed through the board and has been approved by the bishop and cabinet, the planter and their team are to be part of the CORE Crucible. CORE crucible ensures that planters are part of an ongoing community of innovators where they experience the love of God, learn, and practice essential steps to creating a healthy core group. Key Principals are taken from SLI, and the L3 process of Loving, Learning, and Leading.

CORE Crucible Priorities:

  1. Build a team around the planter of people who covenant and compliment their gifts and strengths as a pastor and leader
  2. Clarify their approach to this new church by creating a context statement
  3. Build Focus: values, mission, and vision
  4. Build strategies around the development of this focus
  5. Ongoing transformation and improvement processes.

Key products:

  1. Covenant
  2. Re-written plant plan based on mission field experience
  3. Discipleship System
  4. Narrative Budget with pitch to share the vision.

Type of Church

New church innovations that have been approved by GP NCD and Appointive Cabinet. The best use of this process is for parent/child or satellite church launches.

Onboarding Process

  1. 1 Approval of a plant plan or innovation by NCD, DS, or appointive cabinet
  2. Planters and teams onboarded before July kick-off retreat in conjunction with GP Planter Incubator Clarify check-in with NCD, conference staff, cabinet members before the plant gets to the following calendar year
  3. End of 1st quarter check-in; 2nd quarter check-in with NCD; 3rd quarter with stakeholders

Tracking Transformation

  • July – October: begin accountability and gather a team for a Launch Pad event
  • November – March: implement a discipleship system
  • March – April: Launch Pad, Finalize Public Launch Timeline

DS Use and Responsibilities

  • Oversee the planters in their district
  • Attend to the benchmarking and conversations with New Church Development regarding the accountability and viability of the ideas and plants
  • Assist in the decision making with NCD board on continuing or discontinuing the new start