Crucible and Planter Incubator

New Church Crucible: A new community providing an intentional experience each month where Great Plains new community planters can gather to worship together, continue their learning and be accountable in their leadership with one another.

A cohort of planters appointed July 1 are part of a group that meets monthly to cover planter competencies, build a planter team that will provide both a deep support system for one another as swell as a place to work on benchmark development and accountability.


Planter Incubators: Supportive five-session group process that includes the teaching of current and past new-church planters in new-church planting principles and competencies. Participants will be supported and encouraged by conference staff and outside resource people to push themselves in a process of incorporating planting competencies in their current ministry setting. each participant will leave the incubator with a ministry plan to reach new people where they currently serve.




Discipleship System Launch Pad

Location: Christ UMC, Lincoln, Nebraska

Incubator: Nov. 3-4 - Dr. Phil Maynard, director of Path 1 Coaching Network, new church strategist
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November Retreat

Location: To be announced

Crucible: Nov. 15 - Vision, mission values and narrative budgets



Crucible - Video conferences to be announced


January 2017

Location: Salina, Kansas

Crucible: Jan. 17 - Strategy, transformation and ministry action plan


Financial Stewardship & Ministry Action Plan Launch Pad

Location: Church of the Resurrection, Leawood, Kansas

Crucible: To be announced

Incubator: Rev. Adam Hamilton, Church of the Resurrection



Video conferences and benchmark meetings


New Community Launch Pad

Location: United Methodist Center of Grace, Olathe, Kansas

Crucible: May 4-6 - Ministry action plan and launching publicly with quality

Incubator: May 5-6 - Dr. Iosmar Alvarez, Fuente de Avivamiento (Fount of Revival), Lexington, Kentucky


June Retreat

Location: Salina, Kansas

Crucible: Dates to be announced - Self-care and graduation

For more information, please contact the Rev. Nathan Stanton, director of congregational excellence,
316-218-5961 or