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This page contains information on the news, happenings, events and leadership information for the United Methodist Women of the Prairie Rivers District.  

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Prairie Rivers District Upcoming Events


2019 District Newsletters

2019 District Leadership

The following is information on the 2019 Prairie Rivers District Leadership Team.  To contact one of the leadership team members click on their name.  This will allow you to email your inquiry directly to that person.


Roberta Cool

Barb McIlnay

Vice Presidents

Jackie Pope




Linda Cox

Journey in Faith (Spiritual Growth)

Denice Dietz

Journey in Action (Social Action)


Journey in Giving (Education and Interpretation)

Mae Walter

Journey in Growth (Membership, Nurture and Outreach)

Mary Bilslend

Journey in Learning (Program Resources)

Mary Bilslend

Communications Coordinator

Denise Dietz

Chair of the Committee on Nominations


Committee on Nominations  

      Class of 2019    Debbie Albers

      Class of 2019    Kathy Ring

Class of 2020 Penny Allen

Conference Representative:

Virginia White

District Superintendent

Rev. Lance Clay

Older District Newsletters

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