Pray By Doing


74 cities and 65 of the state’s 93 counties are under emergency disaster declarations. Gov. Pete Ricketts said the flooding was the worst disaster in the history of the state.

Prayer for Reflection

Almighty God, pour out your Holy Spirit upon your people. We pray that people in these each of these communities devastated by flooding be comforted amid the loss. Let your love surround them. 

For those whose livelihood is insecure, for the children and parents who start over, for those who have to bear their burdens alone, and for all who have lost so much, give us the peace and power that comes from you. 

When they are afraid, give them courage; when they feel weak, grant them your strength; when they are afflicted, afford them patience; when they are lost, offer them hope; when they are alone, move us to their side, In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.
Prayer Practice:  Praying by Doing
Right now, pray for the people undergoing devasting loss and flooding. Place your hand on the map and offer a prayer of peace and comfort during times of great uncertainty and loss.

As an individual in a faith community, seek out ways to help neighbors coping with this devastating flooding event.

As a church, pray for the areas of Nebraska and give funds for disaster response.

As a network, create cleaning kits and hygiene kits and take them to a district office in Nebraska.

As a network, organize how volunteers from the network can help by working in flooded areas once those areas are deemed safe enough for such activities by authorities.

As a district, host an early response training, contact Donna Ernest 785-272-9111 to deploy volunteers.

As a conference, continue to pray for our connection, surrounding our sisters and brothers in faith with God’s hope and healing.