Pray in Concert


Loving God,

We raise our voices simultaneously in many languages to celebrate the unity we experience through the power of the Holy Spirit and in all our diversities. Grant that we embody for the world the unity that we learn from you, our Triune God, a unity that is life-giving. Thank you for the gift of human languages that you have given all your people here and far. Amen.


Praying in Concert

One of the prayer practices I was used to growing up was “Praying concert,” which means a group of believers all praying at the same time out loud. During Orders and Fellowship, we had a taste of praying in concert when we prayed for our General Conference delegates. January 26 in Grand Island at the Prairie River clergy and laity gathering, District Superintendent, Rev. Lance Clay invited people to pray at their tables, this was praying in concert in a small group of four or five persons. While attending Africa University in Zimbabwe, an international United Methodist related institution, I experienced praying in concert in a different way. There were students from various countries praying in their local languages, while others prayed in French, English, and Portuguese. For me praying in concert in multiple languages reminds me of the Pentecostal event that the disciples experienced.

– Rev. Kalaba Chali


Prayer Practice

This week practice praying in concert with your family, friends or co-workers. If you have neighbors or friends who speak other languages, try praying the Lord’s Prayer in concert in different languages. Allow yourself the grace to meet God at the boundaries of our voices, our languages or our life experiences. Praying in concert gives us an opportunity to meet God at the boundaries and celebrate our unity in diversity. Read Acts 2:1-4.