Prayer Journaling


Christ the King

by The Rev. Nathan Decker 

Lord, you who we pretend to know so well
in our creeds, in our prayers, in our masquerades:
Today, we want to see Jesus.
Today, we want to experience the Holy Spirit's presence.
Today, we come to worship you.
Help us be real. Help us be ready. Help us be honest.
Because we need you,
We need you here,
in our hearts be Priest, hearing our confessions,
in our minds be King of our thoughts,
in our lives be Prophetic voice and action. Amen.


Spiritual Journaling

Set aside 15-25 minutes today. Find several pieces of blank paper or find your starting place in the journal you normally use. Set a timer for the time you would like to journal today or set a goal of filling several pages of blank paper or filling a number of pages in your journal before you start. Start today by naming two to three ways why you are grateful for Christ and his presence and kingship in your life. Move then to several people you are grateful for in your life and why you are grateful for them. Finally, take time to write several aspirations for yourself on the day you’re writing. How will Christ the King provide faith, courage and persistence as you move through the day?