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Below are prayers requests submitted from people around the Great Plains Conference. We invite you to check back each week as we lift these requests to God in prayer. May those who share their concerns feel the comfort and strength of being held in prayer.

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Lord Have Mercy on us who will continue to be out numbered, left out and be forced to seek new ways to serve in your Kingdom.

by: Clergy spouse
Church leadership families & the silent forgotten clergy spouses that try do our best to encourage & be forced to find new jobs and life paths to serve. Crushes my heart that our dentist has come to the parties as shown with the creation of the golden calf. Crushes my heart to know that is how 2/3 of our conference is allowed to react. Crushes my heart to experience a once joyful spirit filled conference now attend a disrespectful, radical, sports cheering event....
If there are true prayer warriors who are not bound to a side...spouses and church families do need prayers.
Lord in your mercy