Shared Prayers

Below are prayers requests submitted from people around the Great Plains Conference. We invite you to check back each week as we lift these requests to God in prayer. May those who share their concerns feel the comfort and strength of being held in prayer.

Bear in mind these requests are user-generated, so we only know what has been submitted. We respect the boundaries the requestors have set for themselves by providing only the information they are comfortable with sharing. If updates are provided, they will be posted here.

To submit a prayer request of your own, or provide an update to your previous request, fill out this form.

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Pastor Joel Warren

by: Pastor Dorothy Smith
Pastor Joel Warren of Elkhorn Vally District is in the Bryan West hospital in Lincoln, NE with symptoms of a serious illness. Not all test results are back, but indications are that he needs a miracle. Please lift him up in prayer.

Prayers for a family with a drug-addicted child

by: anonymous
Please pray for a family who is trying to help their drug-addicted child. A young adult who doesn't want help. They wish to remain anonymous.