Preaching Rocks

Preaching the word of God faithfully, authentically, and effectively week after week is a daunting responsibility. In order to have an engaging and interesting sermon, preachers need:

  • theological grounding
  • the skill of interpreting the scripture for a modern context
  • the ability to draw on personal and collective experiences as well as other available resources
  • organization
  • a connection with the audience
  • the ability to speak without words
  • to understand the appropriate use of humor
  • to focus on a topic
  • to use variety in vocal pace, tone, and volume.

Preaching Rocks is a workshop academy for sharpening skills in public speaking to effectively present the good news of Jesus Christ. Persons who can benefit from Preaching Rocks include:

  • those who are new to the preaching experience
  • those who are aware that their preaching isn’t to the level they would like it to be
  • those who want to become the best preacher possible

The leader for Preaching Rocks is Rev. Dr. Lew Kaye-Skinner. Lew was the founding director of the Writing Center at Bryan College of Health Sciences in Lincoln, NE, where he taught courses in Public Speaking, Communications, Writing, and Religion. He is an Elder in the Great Plains Conference and has been practicing public speaking since childhood. 

This preaching academy will rely on consultation, coaching, and support for one another to increase individual skills in preaching and worship leadership. Each participant will complete a preliminary skills assessment after registering, and invite members of their congregation and their District Superintendent to also complete the assessment. In addition, the academy will include:

  • Group gatherings Sept 17-18 and Nov 19 in 2019; and Jan 21, Mar 17, and May 19 in 2020.
  • Five individual conferences with Dr. Kaye-Skinner (two 30-minute and three 60-minute sessions). The first conference will be prior to the September group gathering. The others will be scheduled approximately every other month.
  • Recordings of worship and preaching will be made monthly and provided to Dr. Kaye-Skinner ahead of each individual conference.
  • A congregational feedback group, recruited by the pastor and S/PPRC chair. The group will give monthly feedback, following a format provided by Dr. Kaye-Skinner, with a focus on improvement.

Preaching Rocks group gatherings will be held at College Avenue UMC in Manhattan, KS. Individual conferences will be online. Registration can be found here. The cost for five group gatherings and five individual conferences is $350, and includes a shared motel room for September 17 and all lunches. If helpful, you may pay a portion of the fee in 2020; you must contact the Rev. Nancy Lambert for approval to do so.  

*40 contact hours will be received by participating in all group gatherings and five individual conferences. One-half the cost of Preaching Rocks is underwritten by the Clergy Excellence budget.

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