Preparing for Your Future Workshops

Achieving Financial Wellness

Properly managing your health and wealth are keys to achieving wellness.  While we hope you use available resources to improve your physical wellness, this workshop is designed to help you achieve financial wellness.  You’ll start by learning to assess where you are today, financially, including cash flow, debt and net worth.  Then, you will learn to use the financial planning process to accomplish your goals, know how to develop a plan to get on track for retirement, and learn how to use Wespath benefits to help achieve your financial goals.

Dissolve That Debt

Properly managing income, expenses and debt is crucial to achieving short-term peace of mind as well as accomplishing long-term goals.  Over the course of this workshop, we’ll help you understand the cash/debt management process, recognize how to evaluate and manage spending, learn to develop a plan to reduce and prevent debt, and help you use the tools and resources available to you.

Estate Planning Basics

Planning for “the inevitable” is not a topic many of us want to face.  However, after your passing, without proper planning your assets may not be distributed as you hoped, or perhaps assets will be tied up in the courts for months or years, and maybe your family will not be as financially secure as they would like.  Estate planning is not just for the wealthy; there are actions everyone needs to take now to ensure their wishes are followed and loved ones are protected and remain financially secure.  Over the course of this workshop we’ll discuss what an estate encompasses, the pros and cons of probate, the role of trusts, important estate documents, estate taxation, tools to reduce estate taxes, and the resources available to assist you.

Social Security and Your Retirement

Social Security is an integral piece of your retirement income puzzle.  Knowing how to maximize your benefit may be the difference between achieving your retirement goals and falling short.  During the course of this workshop, we’ll explore how Social Security benefits are calculated, when you can collect benefits, identify family members who may be entitled to benefits, understand how benefits are taxed, and learn how to obtain projections of benefits.  We’ll also look at Social Security in the context of “retirement planning,” as we review a six-step process for achieving your retirement goals.